Frequently asked questions about motorhomes

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions about renting a motorhome.

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Questions about preparation

At 'Motorhomes' you will find a brief description of each motorhome. To make your choice easier, we have put together the following classifications: Bus camper (group A) - for those who prefer to rent a van and get lots of mileage. Compact (group B/C/D/E) - these models are the most popular because they are lower and less wind sensitive than the alcove campers. Alcove (group F/G/H) - spacious motorhomes, suitable for six people. An alcove camper can be identified by the "hump" above the cabin and is ideal for large parties.
A driver's license B is sufficient to drive the motorhome. However, the driver must be at least 24 years old and have held the B driver's license for at least 2 years on the date of commencement of the rental.
It is often thought that driving a motorhome is difficult. However, this is a misunderstanding, our motorhomes do not actually drive much differently than a regular car and have the advantage that the high seating position gives you a better view of the road and the surroundings. The motorhomes are equipped with the latest powerful engines from Fiat with 130hp and 140hp which makes driving in mountainous areas easy and allows you to fully enjoy the surroundings!
Our experience with German-made motorhomes is such that we have chosen reliable motorhomes of the Carado brand. Carado in part of Hymer and stands for quality. The current rental motorhomes can be found here.
The price includes: transfer from the airport/hotel/train station in Malaga or Madrid if available and from 7 days. For shorter rental periods on request. unlimited mileage (from 7 days in all seasons mileage free) all-risk insurance with excess of 700 euro. 24 hours roadside assistance with Europe coverage (incl. Spain, Portugal and Morocco).
All motorhomes are all-risk insured with a deductible of 700 euros. Our motorhomes have Spanish license plates and all legal requirements are met. Reliable and well maintained motorhomes - It is important to know that you are entering into an agreement with a registered motorhome rental company that meets all legal and fiscal obligations and requirements. Our motorhomes are also never more than 3 years old and well maintained.
Booking is easy. Just follow these steps: Choose the motorhome that suits you. Go to reservations and fill out the request form. This is not a booking yet, you are in fact asking us if the motorhome is available. If available, you will receive a no-obligation all-inclusive quote. After receiving the confirmation you can make the final booking by sending us an email or calling us. The deposit can be arranged online by iDEAL, Visa, MasterCard or Maestro or by bank transfer.  
Our motorhomes are fully equipped: kitchen refrigerator shower room toilet good firm beds sitting area radio/cd with usb and mini-jack for smartphones heating closet space possibility to rent bikes and to take them with you for the road all motorhomes have a large lockable storage space (garage) to store your suitcases and other belongings. depending on the rental period the bedding and kitchenware package is included. With these packages included, you really only need to bring your clothes. Possibility to rent bikes and bring them along for the road - To be even more mobile(er) we have several types of rental bikes for large and small. Ask us about the possibilities.
Airport - Arrival with a flight If you arrive with a flight, we will pick you up from the airport (during office hours unless otherwise agreed) and you will immediately receive the motorhome from us. Upon arrival you will receive a detailed explanation about the operation of the motorhome so you are well prepared for the trip. This explanation is also written down in Dutch so you can read it later on. Own car or rental car Collection and return takes place at our company unless otherwise agreed or at the airport. It is possible to pick up the motorhome in another place than Malaga or Madrid. This is on request and in some cases there are pick-up and or drop-off costs involved. Train We will pick you up at the train station if possible so you will receive your motorhome on arrival.
We are therefore open all year round so you can start on any day of the year! Because of the favorable winter climate with us in Malaga (Andalusia), it is also wonderful to take a motorhome road trip during this period. Recommended travel periods: Andalusia & Southern Portugal - possible all year round Central and Northern Spain, East Coast and Portugal - spring/summer/autumn Morocco - spring/autumn/winter Please feel free to contact us for more information.
With all models you can rent bikes with it and transport them in the lockable garage or on the back of the bike rack. This can be specified when booking.
You can drive your motorhome through all countries of the European Union. If you want to cross to Morocco, this is also possible. However, you need to inform us in advance, because of additional insurance and travel documents. For Morocco, due to the vastness of the country, we recommend a minimum travel time of at least 20 days.
Many of our guests already have an idea of what they want to see. Still, we get asked a lot about great itineraries and travel tips. If you have special needs or interests please let us know. We have also included a selection of routes and travel tips in the website, so you can get some inspiration in advance as a guide for your fly & drive. And of course the great thing about traveling with a motorhome is that you always decide how the route goes and you travel at your own pace! Did you have a nice experience along the way? Mail it to us! Click HERE for the routes.

Questions for the road

All campers are designed to operate independently of power. With normal power use even up to 3 days without recharging. The batteries recharge while driving. Therefore, it is not necessary to always spend the night at a campground or RV park for this reason. If you do spend the night at a campsite or you drive from campsite to campsite it is good to know that most campsites in Spain have extensive facilities, such as facilities for water supply, electricity connection, washing machines, supermarket, entertainment, swimming pools, playgrounds etc. Almost all campsites equipped for RVs are Andalusia are open year round. In the rest of Spain, the majority of campsites are open all year round.
Temperatures in Spain can sometimes rise, but evenings can be quite cool. It is good to know that motorhomes have good insulation. This insulation ensures a healthy living environment in the motorhome. In winter, the Truma ring heater ensures pleasant temperatures.
You can drive in Spain and Portugal with standard GPS navigation. You can optionally rent the GPS from us. If you have your own GPS system with Europe map you can also use it during your trip.

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