Will my Gps work in Spain and Portugal?

You can drive in Spain and Portugal with standard GPS navigation. You can optionally rent the GPS from us. If you have your own GPS system with Europe map you can also use it during your trip.

Is the motorhome well insulated against heat and cold?

Temperatures in Spain can sometimes rise, but evenings can be quite cool. It is good to know that motorhomes have good insulation. This insulation ensures a healthy living environment in the motorhome. In winter, the Truma ring heater ensures pleasant temperatures.

What about the power supply?

All campers are designed to operate independently of power. With normal power use even up to 3 days without recharging. The batteries recharge while driving. Therefore, it is not necessary to always spend the night at a campground or RV park for this reason. If you do spend the night at a campsite or you drive from [...]

Which route?

Many of our guests already have an idea of what they want to see. Still, we get asked a lot about great itineraries and travel tips. If you have special needs or interests please let us know. We have also included a selection of itineraries and travel tips in the website, so you can get some inspiration in advance [...]

Can I also travel outside of Spain?

You can drive your motorhome through all countries of the European Union. If you want to cross to Morocco, this is also possible. However, you need to inform us in advance, because of additional insurance and travel documents. For Morocco, given the vastness of the country, we recommend a [...]

Can we rent bikes with it?

With all models you can rent bikes with it and transport them in the lockable garage or on the back of the bike rack. This can be specified when booking.

What is the best travel time?

We are therefore open all year round so you can start on any day of the year! Because of the favorable winter climate with us in Malaga (Andalusia), it is also wonderful to take a motorhome road trip during this period. Recommended travel periods: Andalusia & Southern Portugal - possible all year round Central and Northern Spain, East Coast [...]

Where do I pick up the motorhome?

Airport - Arrival with a flight If you arrive with a flight, we will pick you up from the airport (during office hours unless otherwise agreed) and you will immediately receive the motorhome from us. Upon arrival you will receive a detailed explanation of the operation of the motorhome so you will be well prepared to hit the road. This explanation [...]

What should I bring?

Our motorhomes are fully equipped: kitchen refrigerator shower room toilet good firm beds sitting area radio/cd with usb and mini-jack for smartphones heating closet space possibility to rent bikes and take them with you for the road all motorhomes have a large lockable storage room (garage) to store your suitcases and other belongings. depending on the [...]

What is the best way to make a reservation?

Booking is easy. Just follow these steps: Choose the RV that suits you. Go to reservations and fill out the request form. This is not yet a booking, you are in fact asking us if the motorhome is available. If available, you will receive a no obligation all-inclusive quote. After receiving confirmation you can make the final [...]

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