Visit Morocco from Spain

Explore Morocco by motorhome

Morocco is a fantastic country to explore with a motorhome! Ideal to start from Malaga because you are within 2 hours in Algeciras or Tarifa for the ferry. There is a fast ferry that takes you in only 40 minutes from Tarifa to Tanger. Morocco is a big country and you need to take time to travel from one point to the other. We recommend a minimum of two or better three weeks for a tour of the highlights to get a good impression of this beautiful country.

1 or 2 days excursions to Morocco from Spain

If you do not have that time, it is possible to take a day trip from Tarifa to Tanger, which in itself is an experience in itself. You can park your vehicle at the campsite in Tarifa and take the fast ferry and upon arrival you can walk straight into the lively city centre of Tanger. You can do this individually or join a group. For more information feel free to contact us.

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