Off the beaten track through Spain

Madrid - Segóvia - Ávila - (Salamanca - La Alberca) - Parque Nacional Sierra de Gredos - Cueva de Cerro de Alquila - Guadamur - Toledo - Parque Nacional Cabañeros - Consuegra - Parque Nacional de Las Tablas de Daimiel - Belmonte - Alcalá de Júcar - Reserva Natural de las Hoces del Cabriel - Cuenca - Teruel - Sigüenza - Atienza - Guadalajara - Madrid

We leave Madrid behind quickly and then visit the beautiful and well-preserved city walls of Ávila after our stop in the beautiful Segovia. Further on we drive over the foothills of the Sierra de los Gredos. This hiking paradise is synonymous with peace and tranquility. Located in a beautiful landscape with many plants and animals. A big chance that our will see the Cabra Montes, the Iberian ibex with their spiral horn. Before entering the east side, we visit two more natural parks: the Parque Nacional de Cabañeros, also known as the Spanish “Seregetti”, and Las Tablas de Daimiel. After this it is time for the Don Quichotte route, which we start in Consuegra where we get close to the famous windmills. And we will discover a number of pearls, such as Campo de Criptana, Belmonte, the “Ciudad Encantada” at Cuenca, Teruel and Atienza.
Tip: Before you visit the Sierra de los Gredos, drive to the village of La Alberca with its overhanging roofs where you imagine yourself being in the Middle Ages. On the way back we stop at the impressive Plaza Mayor square for a fresh coffee.

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