Travel report motorhome rent

After we had received clear information about the camper and had done the final financial settlements, we left for our first campsite address Camping ‘La Vinuela’ in Velez Malaga. On the way we did shopping at the Eroski.

A nice little terrace camping with plenty of shade and views over the reservoir. We could choose a place ourselves because the campsite was not full.
A nice big spot overlooking the reservoir and equipped with shade cloths. After unpacking the suitcases a swim in the pool. A well-organized swimming pool with lifeguard. In the evening we had a nice dinner in the restaurant. Definitely recommended!
Toilets and laundry rooms were somewhat outdated but tidy. Shower with a shower curtain.

The next morning we drove towards Almeria Camping “La Garoffa”. This site was not full. We had a nice place right on the beach and provided with shade cloths. A nice but simple site, it was also nice that it was not full otherwise it can be quite difficult to park the camper.
The towns were not big. We stayed here for 2 nights. More than bathing in the sea it was not, there were many jellyfish.
When visiting the campsite it is useful to bring a flashlight. In the evening it is very dark here. Well recommended!

The next camping had chosen our daughter (10 years). Camping Marjal eco Costa Blanca in Creveillente (Alicante). This campsite really has everything.
Swimming pools, restaurants, tennis courts, bike rental, supermarket, restaurant, takeaway, doctor, pharmacy, playground etc ….
It is really a mega campsite. Nice big places with shade cloths. (no luxury in July). Toilets and showers were kept clean, there were enough so no waiting for each other. Beautiful (new) washing machines and dryers. We have been here for 2 nights. But definitely worth repeating next time.

The next campsite was fairly close, in Benidorm. Camping Villasol. A terraced campsite, within walking distance (about 30 min) from the Levante beach in Benidorm. On the way to the beach you come div. souvenir shops and cafes and restaurants.
Also at this campsite it was not busy and we first picked out a picture. Large place with shade cloths. A cozy bar / restaurant, animation all day. Shop with fresh baguette. Nice swimming pool with lifeguard. Highly recommended!

After leaving Benidorm, we left for Murcia. Camping La Manga Mar Manor. A narrow campsite that is 1 km long. The reception at the reception was good, we were neatly for staff on a scooter to our town. The place was spacious with enough privacy, only lacked shade with a temperature of 40+ degrees is that annoying. The pool also had Siesta and was closed from 14:00 to 16:00. There was also no shadow at the pool. There are many seasonal places, and Spaniards with a (sort of) mobile home. What was annoying were the many flies. We would therefore not recommend this campsite.

The next camp was Camping Orgiva. On the southside of the Serra Nevada mountains. Following the the tomtom navigation instructions, it sent us straight through the mountains. It was a beautiful route, with a beautiful view. Not suitable for people who become car sick.
We were at a certain moment so high, almost in the clouds. Just stepped out for a photo.
The campsite was small, but very neat and well maintained and nice and quiet. It is recommended to eat in the restaurant. Very tasty local food and is run a family. There was a small swimming pool. Do not forget a flashlight in the dark.

We went back to Malaga for the last campsite. Camping Laguna Playa. Upon arrival at the campsite it looked like an upgraded parking space. Everything on asphalt, no form of privacy and chaos. Cars parked twice, garbage buckets in the middle of the road. We therefore also decided not to stay here and continue.
Because we would stay in southern Spain for another 9 days following our camper adventure, we drove there with the camper. The camper cleared and cleaned. We agreed with Frank for the return in Mijas the following day.

Resuming .. It was a super fun adventure and certainly worth repeating. Our 10 year old daughter also had a great time.

Another small tip: A ground sheet is really handy on a lot of campsites.

We therefore want to thank Frank and Jessica for the good service.

Greetings and see you soon.

Richard, Patricia and Sanne Bakker

Barendrecht, 4/8/2015

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