Travel report Andalusia

Three weeks holiday in September: first a few days in England and then on the bonus to Prague and Budapest. After beautiful days in England, the weather forecast for our next destinations turned out to be considerably less favorable … Where would the sun shine in the next two weeks? Spain!

We had hired a camper from Spanjecamper in Malaga a year and a half ago and that was very good, so Monday evening an email to Frank Ooms…

There was one camper for rent in Madrid: booked Tuesday and Thursday morning we were in Madrid.

The service in Madrid works exactly the same as in Malaga: you will be picked up neatly at the airport and you will receive as much explanation as you need from the Madrid sister company.

We first went to Toledo, where there is much beauty to see, but the synagogue stole our hearts. Then all the way to Seville, where we still wanted to see the impressive Plaza de España, en route we were amazed at the wedding guests on a village square during lunch. After Seville towards the east of Madrid: from the campsite by bike to Cuenca, a nice trip to a beautiful old town.

If you drive through the dry La Mancha, you can not imagine that there is a natural park with fifteen lakes nearby: Lagunas de Ruidera, beautiful and they even have a campsite there!

In Segovia I parked my bicycle under the towering aqueduct and walked on, bought delicious dulces in one of the many confiterias in the city. Accidentally visited the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso and back to Madrid to return the motorhome.

It was one beautiful sunny adventure!

We will definitely come back to be surprised by new regions of Spain!

Maaike and Arnie Klein N.

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