Travel Andalusia 4th. to 25th. January

Our journey has a double objective; a holiday but also looking around for a place to live in Andalusia.

Because we wanted to see a lot of the province made the choice to travel by motorhome. After a short search on Google we arrived soon Spanjecamper, where good references and reviews can be read.

After first having stayed for three days in a hotel in Malaga, our  adventure began on 7 January. It should be mentioned that both me and my wife do not have any experience with a motorhome.

The transfer was completely adapted to our wishes. Frank from Spanjecamper rentals picked us up at a stone’s throw from our hotel in Malaga. After a short drive we arrived at a quiet place where we got the explanation about the camper. Nothing really was missing here in the motorhome and the explanations were all very clear.

Our first day we did not go too far and quickly found a campsite where we could stay overnight with the motorhome. Being inexperienced  first see how everything works and goes.

You enter your motorhome with your suitcase, so you do not have camping gear with you. However, this is not necessary because all the things you need are present in the vehicle. Even a small bottle of dishwashing liquid and towels etc. has been thought of. Great start of what has become a perfect holiday for us.

Many places we visited and we also regularly stayed overnight in the wild with the motorhome. The water supply and current through the batteries also make this possible. About the quality of the camper and the service of Frank only compliments on our part. Frank has given us many advise where to go and stay and we have made grateful use of this.

In the third week of our holiday we found a house in Spain ourselves. Meaning that from 1 March we may call ourselves proud inhabitants of Spain. The flexibility we had through traveling by camper has allowed us to realize the two objectives of our journey.

The return of the motorhome was smooth and in a friendly manner. In short, a successful trip that we look back on with great pleasure.

Leon Walstock

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