Tour through Andalusia with a beautiful campervan!

We made a tour through Andalusia at the end of October with a beautiful campervan from Spanjecamper.

On arrival at the airport of Malaga the campervan was already ready, even an upgrade, because the reserved was already sold.

After the thorough explanation Frank and Jessica went along with us to a supermercado so that we could get used to driving with the campervan and could do some shopping.

Our first goal was El Torcal, which we reached on a narrow, winding road. It was a beautiful Saturday and at the road up to the parking lot at the information center we had to wait until there was room before we could go up.
Seeking a nice spot, the walking shoes on and the marked route through the very distinctly shaped rock formations.
Then the interesting exhibition with an explanation about the origin of this rock party viewed in the visitor center.

Gradually the tourists disappeared in buses and cars and it became quiet, but not long because the cows came to see from the mountains whether there was some edible left on the grass strips. It also started to be quite foggy, but in the campervan it was nice to stay.

The next morning it was tight from the fog, but once down in the valley the sun was shining again. On to Cordoba! Via the Dolmens at Antequera with a small detour along the reservoir of Iznajar (beautiful views).

To the campsite in Cordoba it was good that we had the TomTom GPS! We had no idea where we were, so many different entrances and exits were there.

To get to the camper place you had to cross a very narrow bridge, if we had not seen that others had also come across we would not have dared, but it went well. With the bus to the center, and there the Mesquita viewed. Impressive. Afterwards I visited the old Jewish quarter with its narrow streets full of souvenir shops.

After a tapas-break on a cozy square, we looked at the rest of the city, where we still unexpectedly arrived at very beautiful places.

On the main square Plaza de las Tendillas a terrace chosen to eat. Under a large awning so that you could sit outside. Once back at the campsite it was sweltering, still sitting outside in the dark.

At night it rained heavily, and the next morning you had to take the umbrella to the toilet block, but luckily it was almost dry again later.

We would have loved to visit the Alcazar with the gardens, but that was close on Monday, just like the Madinat al Zahara, so we drove by on the way to Seville. We went via the N 431, and in Almodovar del Rio we saw a beautifully restored castle.

The camp site south of Seville, which was the best place to go and see that city, was almost impossible to find, ripped three times in Dos Hermanas, finally arrived at the campsite. Here were the RV spots between insufficiently pruned trees, so it was not possible to stab, I ran from back to the front to pay attention to the branches, eventually put crooked on a corner spot. It was extremely muddy, fished out of a trash can, a discarded outer tent and put it as a mat in front of the door. At night the weather rained heavily, but the next day it was radiant again.

With the bus to Seville and enjoyed a beautiful city. Back in the dark with the bus, luckily other passengers knew where to get off!

After two days of touring, we wanted to go back to nature. We were loaded and discharged the next morning after water on the way to Zahara de la Sierra. Just before the town was a nice spacious parking lot and from there we looked at the town and the above-located ruins. The party in the village, a decorated village square with nicely dressed residents. A little past Zahara we saw a parking lot from which you could take a walk to the nature park. Here we parked the motorhome and made the walk, heavy, 2 hours down and therefore again 2 hours up, but very beautiful, with large black birds of prey circling above us.

At this beautiful spot we have also stayed overnight, a beautiful evening, cold!

The next day we drove on a super small road to Grazalema, over the Duivenpas where from the mirador we also made a very nice walk. Beautiful views over the reservoir. Luckily we did not encounter a truck on this road, that did not work out!

From Grazalema to Ronda, there on a terrace at the famous bridge lunch and still walked to the foot of the bridge, just with the pack. Very impressive. From Ronda via Ardales on the newly constructed road to the reservoir Guadalhorce, we wanted to try to do the Caminito del Rey, but that was a hopeless thing, tightly arranged with registration forms and fully booked.

Camper on a quiet parking spot at Restaurante el Kiosko set down and enjoyed a beautiful evening overlooking the reservoir.

The next day after another vain attempt to drive along with a group to El Chorro, parked there on the station square and go for a walk. Here is also a start at the end of the Caminito del Rey, just like at El Kiosko, after the walk you go by bus back to the starting point. The part at El Chorro is the most spectacular, from the road you see a few pieces of the route.

In the evening we had a delicious dinner at El Garganta del Chorro, a hotel that also focuses on tourists who want to make the famous walk. With swimming pool, unfortunately only for guests of the hotel …

And then it was already time to descend to sea level. The last afternoon we spent in Torremolinos, walked back and forth across the endless boulevard and past the souvenir shops in the street behind it. You will be there for a week or longer … ..

After a somewhat restless night by passing Halloween participants (we had not counted on it, we were so beautiful in a side street near the beach ☹) early in the morning to the airport, the camper returned to Frank and Jessica and said goodbye.

Maybe until next year, but then a week longer!

Hettie and Jan Willem van Dijk




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