The South of Spain fly and drive

At the holiday fair in January 2017 we ran into Frank Ooms from Spanjecamper who made us enthusiastic about a motorhome tour through Andalusia.

We did not have a spring break but because of the beautiful stories and an attractive offer we decided to be very impulsive to hire a motorhome for a week in the beginning of March.

And we certainly have not regretted that. At the airport of Malaga Jessica was waiting for us with the motorhome. Because the car park of the airport was rather chaotic, she first drove to a nearby shopping center where she took the time to explain everything. What we immediately noticed was the camper very well looked after and complete with details for the decoration and bed and linen. Neatly on color and tasteful. Since we had already landed at 11 we had a big part of the day ahead of us. The only disappointment was that no supermarket was open on Sunday.

Via the coastal road we ended up in Torrox where we found a good spot at camping El Pino.

Eating out is definitely not expensive here and since we only set off for a week, we decide to limit the purchases to the highest level necessary. The gas hob has therefore remained virtually unused. The main goal was Granada. To take all the time for this, we were at Reina Isabel campsite in La Zubia, just south of Granada, for 2 days. With the bus stop in front of the door you will be in the center of Granada within 30 minutes. For a visit to the Alhambra we opted for the taxi on the way. The campsite owner gave us this tip and so it happened that the next morning at half past seven we had the taxi for our camper. 15 minutes later and only 10 euros poorer we were one of the first tourists for the entrance of this amazing beautiful complex. It was another sunny day and in the afternoon it was already 25 degrees.

Even for Spanish standards it was warm for the time of the year. After a visit of about 5 hours we walked back through the center after first having a 3 course meal on one of the cozy terraces. We came back to the campsite by bus. From the campsite we could see the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada. An attractive destination for the next day. The road to the ski resort of the Sierra Nevada was fine to drive with the camper. On the track there was still plenty of skiing and the preparations for World Championship Freestyle Ski & Snowboard 2017 were in full swing. The full sun with clear blue sky fitted the winter sports atmosphere, only the temperature of 25 gr was not what you would expect at 2100m altitude.

The final goal that day was the reservoir of Iznajar. The white town is beautiful against a rock wall in the middle of the lake with a castle on top. The campsite Valdearenas at about a kilometer from the town still seemed closed. Everything was tight, but it seems to be deceiving. Since the owner did not speak English and we did not speak Spanish, we still came out with hands and feet. We could stay overnight on the deserted camping site.

After this we went to Ronda but first a stop at National Park Torcal de Antequera. This is an area with beautiful rock formations. We are considering staying here in the parking lot (is tolerated) but because we did not count on it with our provisions, so we drove to Ronda. Due to a navigation error we were sent straight through Ronda. With those narrow streets no fun but luckily it was not busy with oncoming traffic.

That camping El Sur could be reached via the eastern bypass, only became clear to us at check-in. This beautiful campsite is a great location for a visit to Ronda. With a half hour walk you stand on the bridge over the impressive gorge. The restaurant at the campsite is top notch. After standing here for 2 nights, we take the A366 towards the white village of El Burgo. The road through the mountains is beautiful but with a few sharp bends where you do not want to meet oncoming traffic. At a few sharp bends, mirrors help you to look around the rock. Fortunately, it was not crowded here either. After a cup of coffee on the terrace in front of a village cafe in El Burgo we drive to our last campsite “Camping Park Pizarra” which is located on the A-7077 in the direction of Alora. Access to the campsite is only indicated by a small sign and then a narrow steep road follows the hill. The English owner greeted us warmly and unlike his colleagues, his swimming pool was open all year round. With 28 degrees, no punishment for cooling down. The last evening in Andalusia we look back on the past week. We are very excited about the weather.

High spring temperatures and no drizzle of rain while it was still wet and cold that week. The camper liked it very well where we have not tried to stay overnight on camper pitches but have always looked for the comfort of a campsite.

Driving on the Spanish roads is good to do. Especially if you check the route in advance on a good road map. Do not just show the way through the GPS, because sometimes you’ll come to narrow streets. The population is helpful and friendly but without Spanish it is difficult to communicate. English is not yet established here. Eating out is cheap, but if we had longer had the motorhome at our disposal, we would certainly have cooked more ourselves inside. Inventory was complete. We even had an electric grill.

The last morning it was early because we had arranged at 10 o’clock with Frank at a petrol station along the highway close to the airport. Here we have a nice chat with Jessica and Frank to exchange our experiences. The motorhome  is inspected and found in order. After this we were dropped off by Frank in front of the departure terminal. What a fantastic week that was.

If we have to give points to Spanjamper this is a well-deserved 10 for vehicle, equipment, service and customer-friendliness. We will definitely repeat this again.

Hetty and Kees Kooij – Dordrecht

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