Our third travel with Iberocamper (Spanjecamper)

February 28, 2018

On Saturday 21 October we flew to Malaga, where we had rented a campervan for the third time at Spanjecamper.

We were warmly welcomed by Frank and Jessica. This time the instruction and administration was in the parking lot of the large supermarket so that we could make direct purchases after handling the administration.

After the fridge was loaded, we headed for Nerja. There was a nice walk according our travel guide book. However that was disappointing so we quickly went to Almunecar where we found a place at our secret beach.

Swummed for a while and then enjoyed the beautiful evening.

On Sunday, after a nice walk to the rio verde, from Otivar, we could not find a nice spot on a beach between Almunecar and Motril, so that we had to use the campercontact app to find this spot at the Embalse de Beznar. This turned out to be a large parking lot between the trees above a fairly empty lake, but there was a path down so that we could have a swim.

The following days we drove over the ruta de Alpujarras, via Lanjaron and Pitres to Busquistar where we took another walk from the travel guide. Back on a terrace, we first lived the fun habit of offering a free tapa with your drink!

Via Trevelez, where a real fiesta was in progress, it went to Berchules. Here on the village square overnight. Jan Willem needed the hairdresser. Which we found after a lot of questions and searching. Well neatly cut his hair for 9 euros!

Via Lanjar where we made a walk over and along water channels via the app to the camper point parking of Canjayar. It turned out a parking lot at the “bomberos” firefighter base who were at night  busy putting their cars in order.

This route was really enjoyable, with beautiful views, nice villages and lots of corners!
Wrong driving could not happen, but that was different when we drove in to Almeria. We managed to drive a very narrow street a few times where we hoped we could get out of it.

Fortunately, we ended up on the big boulevard along a park. After three laps we saw a parking spot! To get from there to the Alcazar was not easy, but with the help of some friendly Spaniards still found. Very impressive, and for eu countries free!

After this visit we drove on to Cabo de Gata.
We first stood at a spot next to the road along the beach, but here it was choked with flies!
When we drove to the Faro, we saw a spot where there were already some campervans and we just settled down for the night. Beautiful!

In the evening we walked to the lighthouse, nice view. But the road also stops here!
We also wanted to go to San Jose to take a walk along the beaches, but before that we had to drive back along the salt lakes.

In San Jose we saw a beautiful parking lot above a beach, so we parked right there so that we created our own place.
We have made a nice walk here along several small beaches and nicely carved basalt rocks. Swim and swim in the sun for a while on the beach.

After this beach and sunny days it was time for the way back. Via Nijar direction Tabernas where we wanted to take a walk to Fort Bravo. Many westerns would have been filmed in this region. That walk was very disappointing, indeed dry and dusty and boring, just like in those movies!

On the way to Tabernas we have been on a very nice spot, on top of the mountain pass from Nijar to Lucainena.

A road that did not seem to end and we were in suspense as to whether we could find a spot before darkness. We were lucky again!

After the boring walk at Tabernas, which is a nice town with a nice terrace near a nice parking lot, we went via Guadix at the exit Purullena over a beautiful small road with beautiful views to Guejar-Sierra.

There was a large parking lot where you could park the campervan, but we did not find that. When we saw a nice spot along the road on the way back from a walk along the old train to the winter sports area we decided to go there.

It was still a quiet road with a nice view of the opposite slope.

The toilet needed to be emptied the next morning and we were allowed to do that at the campsite near Guejar-Sierra. Very nice of them.

We were already on the right side of Granada and the Alhambra to get past the cementerio in the park. Unfortunately we had not taken into account the fact that it was all saints day so very busy, traffic jam in front of the cemetery! And then we had found a nice spot on top of the mountain but were not allowed to stay there and were sent back to the parking lot at the cemetery in the evening.

We were also allowed to stand there for free, the guard said. Not bad amazing views, we saw the whole city in front of us!
The next morning but early departed from the parking lot, the guard seemed to get somwhat nervous...

At Monachil we made the walk over the suspension bridges again, just like last year. It remains exciting. After some bickering about the good route and the intention of the book this time we found the nice route for the return route.

Saturday after a rain shower in the morning in the afternoon by bus to Malaga. Alcazar and a piece of old historic center.

In the evening we packed our luggage, alarm set, Sunday morning early toilet cleaning and waste water tank and set off to the parking lot at the supermarket for the return of the campervan and then back in the plane to Eindhoven.

A wonderful holiday, beautiful weather snd except from the last night we can say we stayed every night ‘free’ on diferent places which was great !!
Thanks to Spanjecamper.

Hettie and Jan Willem van Dijk

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