Our holidays in may 2019

In May 2019 I rented a camper for a trip through southern Spain. My girlfriend and I took a tour of Andalusia in 2017, and this time I wanted to surprise my girlfriend with a tour in a motorhome. She loves camping – I don’t. I had no experience with camping or motorhomes at all, and wasn’t sure I would like a motorhome tour. But everything was arranged quickly and easily. In Spain I was neatly picked up at the airport – the camper I got was beautiful, modern, and fully equipped. We also received a list of the best campsites in Spain – plus a free navigation. Andalusia is best experienced with a camper, without a doubt. Sleeping under the stars or in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, waking up on the beach or in one of the beautiful cities: this was one of our best vacations. Thanks!


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