Holiday in May – Roundtrip with our hired motorhome

Holiday May – Roundtrip camper

On May 16, 2017 we arrived at our hotel Holiday Inn near the airport of Malaga and the next day approx. at 10: 30h. Frank Ooms neatly stood in front of the hotel with our rented motorhome.

Everything was explained clearly and comprehensively. In order to read everything again if necessary, we received documentation. All (minor) damage was neatly written down and then he brought us to the nearby supermarket at Plaza Mayor and we were ready for departure for our Andalucian tour.

We had a very nice trip and seen a lot during 2 weeks:
Granada – Cordoba – Seville – Cadiz – Jerez de la Frontera – Tarifa – Gibraltar and finally the last two hotel nights in Malaga.

For us “camping” was something new and to get used to, but it was simply super! For this purpose, traveling around in this way is ideal.

The camper was very complete, the bed even made up and towels and bath towels were widely available.

We have been on campsites and in Cordoba and Seville also on camper parkings near these cities.
Frank has provided documentation that includes suggestions for camping sites and camper areas. We have used a lot of this information.

We were also very happy with the biciycles (on the back of the camper). With the bikes we have made many kilometers through Seville (bike-friendly city with good cycle paths). Also we took them on the boat to Cadiz and even in the train to Jerez de la Frontera they were allowed!

We have all compliments for Frank and his wife Jessica who helped us in a very customer-friendly way to have  an unforgettable holiday and off course also thanks to a perfectly cared-for camper.

We are happy to come back for a new Spanish trip !!

Pietsje and Rieks Karst

June 12, 2017

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