Great holidays!

For our autumn holiday we were looking for a nice destination. At the holiday fair came into contact with Spanjecamper. Since we had rented a motorhome several times in the Netherlands, we think it is a wonderful way of vacationing, we thought it would be fun to do it once again with Spanjecamper.
After the fine, good information from Frank we booked a flight that was possible and in combination with the availability of the motorhome.
As agreed and promised Frank was waiting at the aiport for us together with our temporary mobile home.

Our trip around Malaga could start, wonderful. Unfortunately on the third day we had a bad experience. We had an unwelcome visit in the motorhome. When ontacting Frank wanting to wanted to know how to act and what  to mention when reporting to the police Frank’s question was also very fast whether we could continue with this motorhome.Fortunately, this was possible.

We enjoyed the other days seeing many beautiful places around Malaga.
Manilva where on Sunday we could do our shopping at one of the few supermarkets was our  first stop. From there La Linea from where we have been to Gibraltar by driven to Tarifa. From there to Cádiz, to Ronda, to Granada and the last stop in Torre Del Mar.
The campsites that Frank had recommended to us were excellent. We had mostly sunny days during our tour.
The Spanish holiday of October 12 was cold and a lot of rain. This day was not a problem thanks to the comfortable vehicle, we did a very nice tour through the mountains.

The last day was for us all to get up early because we had to check in at 7 a.m. for the return trip. Frank and Jessica had both come to the airport to talk about the experience of the uninvited guest. We have very much appreciated this.

All in all, we had a successful holiday and hope in the future to rent a motorhome at Spanjecamper.

Family van der Ham – Lisse

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