Exploring the South of Spain – Andalucia

Arrival in Malaga. Jessica van Spanjecamper wants to start the tour, but the overzealous Spanish police throw a spanner in the works. We have to go and Jessica takes us to a parking lot near a supermarket. This feels calmer after the hectic pace of the airport. We can do our shopping right away. Then carefully on your way. We are going for the first time with a camper. It feels like we’re in a truck, but you get used to it very quickly. We are on our way to our first campsite “Laguna Playa”. Is on Jessica’s list. Great campsite to acclimatize and get used to the camper. This soon feels like coming home.
We have completed our journey as follows.
A bike ride to Nerja, a nice trip along the sea. The next day we drove to camping Orgiva at the foot of the Sierra Nevada and visited the village of Capileira. A white village stuck to the rocks in the Sierra Nevada.
Then we drove to the city camping near Granada. The city camping Reina Isabel. From here you come by bus in Granada to visit the Albaicin district and the Alhambra. We ordered the tickets for this via the campsite. This worked fine. We have had many rain showers here but a dry camper with all conveniences was waiting for.
The next campsite La Campiña is 1 hour below Cordoba. On the way first a gorge hike at Los Cahorres de Monachil. An exciting adventure begins: hang bridges and crawl under rocks and cuddle with the rock to pass by.
The site is quiet and full of olive trees. It totally smells like it.
Nice camping owners (Rik and Mathilde). We are in a very beautiful place with a view of hills. It is also nice and sunny.
Here we cycle in the sun through the olive grove to the village of Santaella. Back we go by road, 4 km, but tough kilometers.
We visit Cordoba. 50 minutes by bus. On to the mosque cathedral. It is big, big and big. The church in the heart of the mosque is also huge.
The San Batolio district, known for its flower patio (which were closed) is a cozy piece. The Los Cristianos Palace worth seeing. Formerly a prison, now a beautiful building with a view from a tower and a huge garden with beautifully trimmed boxwood vases. Many pond areas with fountains.
Then a trip through the Jewish quarter, narrowly tasteful and back by bus.
The next destination is El Rocio. It is close to the Doñana Natural Reserve. 200 km drive, beyond Seville. We arrive in the rain. Continue and after walking back and forth to reception 3 times, we have Wifi and a reservation for tomorrow, namely a trip through the nature park from the campsite. In the camper we turn on the heating to dissipate the chill and with a good book and a glass of wine we are nice and warm and dry.
At 8 am ready at the entrance, it is still dark but dry and slowly the sky turns orange. We are picked up by 4 × 4 van and set off for the Donana National Park. Beautiful, we see a lot of pheasants, stilt birds (little ones), harrier, deer, fallow deer, wild boar and a young imperial eagle as topper. Umbrella-shaped conifers. Lynxes not seen.
Back at the camper it starts to rain again, but even now the camper offers warmth and peace.
We pack and in about 1.5 hours we drive to Seville. The Willsom campsite is a city campsite, we can choose a place ourselves. We take the bus to Seville and go to the cathedral. It is a beauty and everything shines and shines. The Giralda tower allows you to ascend through 36 revolutions via a slope, no stairs. The next day we visit Real Alcázar, according to the book a long queue. On arrival, however, there were 10 men. The palace is so beautiful.
The Jewish quarter and the Belles Artes museum with Spanish painting are also worth a visit.
The next day leave for Ronda. The white village. First empty the waste water tank, which is actually very easy and then on the way. It is a beautiful route to Ronda. In the camper you are fine, you look above everything, nice weather and there is little traffic. The El Sur campsite is fantastic, radiates tranquility. By bike to Ronda. 3 km but back up steeply. A beautiful village especially the 18th century bridge.
The last campsite near Malaga will be Cabo Pino.
A beautiful road rugged mountainous high. Swimwear arrived there and to the beach, nice 3 hours on the beach and still swimming in the sea. Then the end of the holiday really comes in sight. Pack bags and major cleaning. Finally, good food at restaurant Da Bruno, Italian. A good end to the holiday!
Arrived at a shell station with Frank and Jessica at 8am. We have some damage to the camper by the handlebars of a bicycle. Frank will check and e-mails us in the evening that he has been able to brush away the spots. We are very happy with this.
We are dropped off at the airport and on the way we get a tip to make a camper trip to Portugal from Madrid. So it is certain that we will definitely come back again!
Greetings Elly and Rik

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