Camper trip Andalusia June

Cabo de Gata – Granada – Cordoba – Cadiz – Tarifa – Ronda – Marbella – Malaga in 18 days

On Monday, June 13, we landed at 10:30 at the airport of Malaga and went to the place clearly agreed by Frank just outside the arrival / departure hall and there is Frank with our motorhome.

After some explanation, useful advice and tips about our route we drove at 12.00 to Almería. Frank has told us about a well-accessible supermarket and we will first stock up on this route. Indeed, fine to do.

We decide to take a camping before Almería because we were tired. We were already up at 4 o’clock. It was camping Mar Azul (Balerma) which according to the booklets is fairly new and still has little shade. They solved this shadow problem because they hung shadow cloth above every spot. It is a great campsite with a welcome reception, good sanitary facilities and a fine restaurant.

We stayed here 2 nights to be able to rest and we succeeded in that thanks  to a nice swimming pool and the beach which lies on the other side of a quiet road. In short, a great campsite!

Wednesday, June 15, we went to Cabo de Gata, and before to a beautiful viewpoint where you can park the camper (in the preseason). Windy, it blows very hard, but that produces beautiful pictures!

We continue to San José to make a nice bike ride there the next day. We drive to camping Tau, because it is within walking distance of the village. Upon arrival, the reception is closed, we could find a place ourselves. There are many trees here. After having installed us, we go to San José on foot, it is still very windy. You are simply sandblasted on the beach. That will not be cycling tomorrow and to spend our time well we decided to go to Granada the next day. Through the Sierra Nevada we drove to Granada, but away from the route also went to Tabernas.

Then you will pass Texas Hollywood, Fort Bravo and there are several spaghetti Westerns filmed, including Once Upon a Time in the West. We drove there. You can park the motorhome very well and you really think you’re in a Western movie. You can have fun there for an hour. They play a scene, very nice to experience. Of course, all for a fee.

Around 5.30 pm we arrive at the camping Reina Isabel near Granada. A great campsite with a good restaurant. When registering at the reception we are asked if we want to go to Alhambra because they can arrange the tickets online. Very neat all because that is our goal. We order tickets for the next day at 2.30 pm. From the campsite there is a bus to Granada and then you can take a bus to Alhambra or you go on foot. It is fine to walk in terms of distance, but take the time because you have to go uphill. Alhambra is an experience in itself, beautiful.

The next day we take it easy, enjoy the pool at the campsite and in the afternoon we take the bus to Granada again and take a walk through the Moorish quarter. Well worth it.

On Sunday 19 June we went to Cordoba. From Frank we know that just outside the city, at the cemetery is a guarded / paid parking lot where you can park the camper fine. You could even stay overnight, but that is not our preference.

From that car park you walk into the historic center and you can visit the Mezquita. Today we will first take a walk through the historical center, i.v. limited opening hours of the Mezquita on Sunday.

At the end of the afternoon we drive to camping la Campiña in the middle off nowhere. This campsite is on the advice of Frank, a great campsite, but make sure your stock is up to standard. We continue to rest here for a day, which is good to do at the pool. There is a lovely restaurant and breakfast is included in the price.

There is also a busstop close to the campsite to go to Cordoba (about 50 min) but we go the next day to Cordoba, park the camper back in the parking lot and go to the Mosque. Really so beautiful. This can not be missed.

Then we drive to Cadiz, ie El Puerto de Santa Maria because we choosed camping Playa Las Dunas. Again a great campsite only the reception is far from friendly and the restaurant is a bit disappointing, uncomfortable and they do not even have coffee! Here it is good cycling again. Especially to Puerto Sherry is a nice bike ride via a neat bike path. You go first to the harbor, then through a kind of ghost town, all empty and unfinished houses, but then you come in a bay with nice terraces. Very cosy.

To Cadiz you can go by boat, the boarding point is more towards Santa Maria, left from the campsite. You can take your bike on the catamaran to Cadiz, but Cadiz is also easy to visit on foot. Really very nice, the beaches are very beautiful. We stayed two nights at this campsite and then drove to Tarifa. We chose camping Tarifa and it was again excellent. Cozy, busy, also because it was weekend. Good toilet facilities, great restaurant and very nice beach. Maybe not the beach directly at the campsite, but certainly towards Tarifa. A beautiful wide beach, many kite surfers.

We have walked to Tarifa on the beach, a real trick, but definitely worth it. From here the boats leave for Morocco, in clear weather you can also see Africa. On Sunday we have a wonderful rest day at the beautiful beach and sea.

On Monday 27 June we will go to Ronda, a beautiful route through the mountains and the Pueblos Blancos. A nice route. We drive at camping El Sur. The reactions to this site are a bit negative, but in our eyes a great campsite! The reception might be a little friendlier, but we are clearly explained how and where we reach Ronda. At the end of the afternoon we walk to Ronda, a walk of about 20 minutes downhill.

What a beautiful city. Again so much to see and beautiful views. The way back uphill is not disappointing, about 25 minutes, the temperature is not too bad, it is now 8 pm.
We stay here only one night, but given the peace (in the preseason), the beautiful pool and a good restaurant, we would probably stay here for a day, but we want to spend our last days at the beach and go to Marbella .

The beach in Marbella is fine, the campsite La Buganvilla slightly less, but that is due to the many fixed pitches on the campsite. That is less nice in our eyes. Also the route to the beach is not very special, but the paella at the restaurant Las Flores, at sunset (on the advice of Frank) makes everything good again!

Thursday 30 June we have to return the camper to Frank. We meet at a Shell petrol station towards Malaga, where the camper is checked by Frank. Fortunately we did not drive any damage and left everything clean and tidy. Frank drives us afterwards at the train station in Malaga.

Frank has explained to us where we can leave our suitcases there neatly, secured and then visit Malaga. We fly back in the evening at 8.30 pm. The airport is easily accessible from Malaga by train.

We look back on a wonderful holiday with a fine, well-equipped camper van Spanjecamper. And last but not least, a great service! They even managed to arrange our request for a bicycle with a coaster brake! Really great!

Arie and Margriet,

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