Beautiful campervan everything perfect!

First booking with Spanjecamper. Through the website. Immediately the impression of being flexible and contributing.

When picking up the motorhome in Madrid it immediately becomes clear: Frank Ooms has ‘just’ good things. Beautiful motorhomes, everything is in perfect order. Items supplied are also of good quality.
Optional things contracted like a tent, chairs, bikes are ‘just’ good.

With care and attention, the owner of Spanjecamper explains how everything works. A bottle of wine as a welcoming gift in the refrigerator. We leave happy for our roadtrip.

We made a cice trip made without problems: Spain, Portugal finally Malaga departure terminal.
Frank Ooms himself is back again when we returns in Malaga. In a correct way, with calm we give away ‘our motorhome’ for the next rental.

In short: a very good experience with hiring a motorhome, Spain and Frank Ooms. To be repeated. Thank you.

Family Samwel from Amsterdam.

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