12 days tour (+VIDEO)

Friday, September 1, after a good flight with EasyJet we landed on time at Malaga airport. Just had to wait for the suitcases, then we could look for Frank from Spanjecamper.

It is busy in the departure hall. Our suitcases are coming quickly, searching for the arrival hall was difficult. The description of Frank was clear, but given the renovations we could not find the elevator.

After some walking through the parking lot of the rental cars we were suddenly outside and at the agreed time. Less than 10 minutes later a nice motorhome arrived. Frank helped us load the luggage and drove us to the nearest supermarket. That’s where the explanation about the camper started. Everything was explained in peace. How everything works inside, how to drive safely with the vehicle filling and emptying the water tanks. After another half hour we were ready for departure!

But first fill the camper with groceries. Fresh fruit, enough water and tasty meat were put in. We were ready!

The first night we would spend at the camping Las Lomas. The ride went smoothly. It took some time to get used to the vehicle, with such a monster you go into traffic but it gets used quickly.

After another half hour we had to leave the motorway and followed a nice route up towards the campsite. On the way we stopped for some nice pictures of the reservoir (and of our motorhome of course!) To continue our journey to the campsite. Reported to us at the reception, there was space, we were allowed to find a spot ourselves. So we put the motorhome outside the barriers and walk looking for a place. Found a nice place, I first, boyfriend at the wheel we entered the campsite. Pay attention to the altitude, do we also see the corners? Then reverse parking and there we were! Want to see if we are level? No, unfortunately, but on blocks. The motorhome was equipped with every luxury!

After 10 minutes we were already sitting outside in the sun enjoying a cold drink.

Early in the evening to bed, tomorrow to the Alhambra.

Day 2: After a wonderful night, on to the Alhambra. We have booked a tour in advance. We park the camper on the RV parking spot (P5) and walk to the Alhambra. What is it beautiful! After a 3-hour tour, we are broken. It is very hot and we have walked a lot. We decide to stay one night near Granada and spend the night at Camping Granada. Camping itself simple, but fine places and good plumbing. After a swim in the pool, the stove started up and had a nice dinner.

Day 3: After a somewhat restless night (party in the town below in the village) we head for Parc Ardales. A nice route through the interior follows. Once off the highway we arrive in mountainous surroundings. We did beautiful curves, saw many trees and a number of reservoirs. The GPS sends us a dam, what is beautiful here! We report to the reception of the campsite and are assigned a place. Once parked we dress for a splash in the reservoir. What a welcome cooling in this heat! After the splash we search on the internet for information about the Caminito del Rey, or the King’s path, which we want to walk tomorrow. Unfortunately, on Monday the path is closed. We decide to leave tomorrow for Ronda.

Day 4: What a night, at the campsite had already warned for foxes, well we’ve heard them last night! We get a sandwich at the camping shop, have breakfast in peace and leave for Ronda. There we first look for a bicycle repairer, 1 of the bikes is broken. The GPS sends us into the center of Ronda. Small streets, low balconies and very tight turns follow. The store was soon found but unfortunately they did not speak English. We could not park the camper there, so we left again, we would try again at the end of the afternoon. We drove to Cueva del Gato. A cave with a mountain lake. We could easily park the camper at the top. Swimwear and a steep walk followed. The water was freezing cold, a nice cooling after such a heated ride through Ronda! It was busy with tourists and locals. Once cooled, the steep path back up again. We found a place for the motorhome on the outskirts of the city (Calle de Jimena de Líbar, 29400 Ronda, Spain) and went into town by bicycle. We walked through the city. The bike was made and we could continue our journey! On to the coast.

That same day we slept at Camping Las Dunas in Cadiz.

Day 5: After a hot night with many mosquitoes we woke up early. A visit to Cadiz is planned. Cycling with the bikes to the pound (cycling from the campsite along the water towards the center, after about 2 kilometers a large parking lot on the right, the pound stops there). It was warm in Cadiz and after a city walk we went for a drink. This night one night at camping Las Dunas.

Day 6: The intention is to stay in Conil. We have selected a nice campsite on the internet. (Camping La Roseleda) Upon arrival the campsite was very disappointing. Marked pitches, the places themselves have only concrete slabs. Almost no trees. We drove to Tarifa. Also found there a nice campsite (camping Tarifa), when we passed our place at the reception were the costs for 1 night 40 euros. We drove to another campsite;).

That became Camping Rio Jara. Beautiful campsite by the sea. In the afternoon we took the bike to Tarifa (a small part of the road, at the petrol station directly on the right side) Beautiful dune path towards Tarifa, just a short walk through the loose sand. In Tarifa the shops were tanned and enjoyed the cooling wind. After a beautiful sunset to bed.

Day 7: On to Gibraltar! Motorhome parked on the border (Motorhome area La Linea de la Concepcion, keep right at the roundabout, report at the barrier, continue on the road to the back). The motorhome parked and with the bikes towards the border. By bike between the cars, just show passport and we were in Gibraltar! In the city center the bikes parked and something eaten. When tickets bought for the cable car and upwards!

There we were immediately welcomed by the monkeys. We spent the whole afternoon on the rock. Enjoyed the view, the nature and the monkeys! The night on the motorhome was a little restless. What was ideal, we could take a shower on board. Just switch on the boiler, and then take a shower! Enjoyed after such a busy day. The motorhome parking had a toilet.

Day 8: We are going to look in the neighborhood of Marbella. We could park the motorhome on the edge of the city and by bike into the city. Soon we were cycling on the sea front boulevard. What a hustle and bustle compared to the quiet Tarifa! We parked the bikes and walked into the city. The thermometer indicated 37 degrees, and that in early September! We have also drunk something and went back  to the motorhome (because it has air conditioning during driving, delicious!).

We find a campsite in Nerja on the internet. Having arrived there, the campsite was very disappointing. It reminded me more of a landfill. The places were very small, we did not dare with our camper. A search on the internet followed, it was already later in the afternoon and we wanted to have a bite somewhere. On the internet we found Camping Tropical in Almunecar. Take the left entrance gate, carefully drive up! We looked for a place under the trees and installed us. The bikes are packed and we have cycled to the center. Delicious eaten on a terrace. The way back with the bike was a big climb. Back at the camper also overheated! Quickly a cold shower and went to bed.

Day 9: We have been very hot tonight and have a lot of problems with flies. The campsite is fine, but we still want to go inland. After a quiet morning we decide to drive to Granada, we would like to enter the center and try again for the King’s path. We find a nice campsite (Camping Reina Isabel). Wonderful campsite! Beautiful plumbing, nice places, lots of shade, delicious! We take the bus to the city center and have a great time!

Day 10: The tickets for the King’s Path are all sold out, we do not dare to go there with no tickets. But do not worry, here in the neighborhood is also a nice walk! A nice walk starts in the village of Monachil! Tip: Park the motorhome before the entrance of the village in an inlet. The village with a motorhome  is not a success! After a long walk towards the village we had to climb a very steep stretch. Then another piece through the grassland. The walk is well marked with signs. The walk starts on top. The first step you have to take is directly 1 over a suspension bridge of 40 meters over a depth of 15 meters. That was exciting! A nice walk follows through a gap. Sometimes climbing over stones and tree trunks. If that is all too complicated you can also get off the path and board the water and take the easier route. What have we enjoyed this walk! Take enough water and possibly something to eat on the go. Picnic spots enough. Also water shoes are recommended.

Day 11: We have slept 1 extra night in Granada. In the evening it cools down nicely, not suffering from mosquitoes and flies, enjoyed! Today towards Malaga. We parked the motorhome at Camping Torremolinos. With the bike you are so in the center. We walk a bit along the boulevard and take it easy.

Day 12: We take the train to Malaga. Excellent train connection from the campsite! Walked around in Malaga and ate delicious at El Pimpi! Upon returning to the campsite we started packing. We have to hand in the camper at 9 am tomorrow.

Day 13: The camper is clean and packed.

On to the supermarket where Frank picked us up again. Unfortunately, our holiday is over, but what have we enjoyed!

Frank, thank you for the good care!

Vivian and Tom

Monster, NL

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