Common how-to questions

Here you can find a selection of questions about renting a mobile home.

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Questions about planning your trip

One of the big advantages of driving a motorhome is flexability. You decide where you go and where to. We have a selection of ITINERARIES prepared for you.  
You are allowed to drive in Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Morocco. It is advisable to check your destination before with us before arrival because in case you would like to travel to Morocco you will need extra documents for the customs from us.
Yes you can indeed. For some models you will need a bicycle carrier which will be supplied by us. You can book your bicycles through reservation form or later once you have made the reservation.
This depends on your destination. You can explore Southern Spain (Andalucia) and the South of Portugal (Algarve) all year round because of the mild climate. Sierra Nevada at two hours travel distance from Malaga is an excellent winter destination for skiing from December – April. For the North of Spain and Portugal we recommend spring, summer and autumn. For Morocco spring, autumn and winter. Contact us if you would like to know more about when to travel.
Pickup and return take place on our premises, unless we have agreed for this in another place. In case you will arrive by plane, you can fill in the flight details on the reservation form in order to collect your motorhome at the airport. We will give you full information about how to use your motorhome and are happy to supply you with travel advise.
All our motorhome are fully equipped with a kitchen, fridge, shower, WC, quality beds, radio / CD with USB and minijack, cruise control. You only have to bring your personal things. All vehicles have a large storage in the back for storing suitcases and personal luggage.
You can reserve your motorhome in a few simple steps:  Choose the model you most like. Once you have found your ideal motorhome fill in the reservation request form. Please note this is not a booking yet. After receiving your request we will send you a no obligation all-in offer and availability. At this stage you may want to make the reservation by sending us an email, by whatsapp of by calling us. We will block the vehicle for you so the vehicle cannot be reserved by someone else and in the meantime you can book your flights if this is the case for you. You can arrange the deposit after this by bank, Visa or MasterCard. After receiving the deposit we will send you the booking confirmation with all the details. ASK FOR A QUOTE
The price includes: Unlimited mileage from 7 days All risk insurance with a 700 Euro excess 24 hour road assistance Maintenance (oil, filters, etc.) Manual in English and campsite guide in English
Our experience has guided us to offer Carado motorhomes. Carado is made by Hymer, number one in sales throughout Europe and is a guaranty for quality. Check our Carado models now.
It is a misunderstanding that some people think that is it difficult to drive a motorhome. There is not much difference in driving compared to a normal car and an advantage is the high driving position which gives you the opportunity to judge the traffic in a better way and enjoy the surroundings more.  There is plenty of height and recline adjustments to the driver’s seat.
You do not need a special licence, if you are holder of a B driving license you may drive our motorhomes. For insurance requirement purposes the driver must be 24 years old and 2 years in the possesion of a B driving licence. A second driver is allowed at no extra cost.
In MODELS you can find a brief description of every model. To help you with your choice we have made these groups: Campervan (group A) – Very compact van, to be occupied by two persons. Ideal for campervan lovers who want to travel as compact as possible. Compact (Group B / C / D / E) – These popular motorhomes have full size beds in the front and / or back and storage for bicycles. Also the boast a bigger kitchen and a bigger size fridge. Suited for both couples and families. Overcab (Group F, G, H) – Ideal for large families of 6 persons.

During the trip – questions

Your motorhome is prepared to work totally independently. There are two batteries, one connected to the other. These batteries are charged when the engine runs or when you are plugged in to electric power supply at a campsite. It will enable you to maintain the vehicle for 3-4 days, with a normal usage of lights. The water tanks can hold approximately 100 litres (according model). Therefore it is not necessary to stop at a campsite every night.